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The Museum's mission is to advance and share the experience and knowledge of what has happened in the past and what this has meant for Native peoples today; to preserve the memory of those who died or suffered; to offer comfort, support, encouragement and understanding; and to encourage its visitors to reflect upon the need for dignity of, and respect among all peoples.

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Video: New Website Helps Educators Teach About Wisconsin’s Native Nations
Wisconson Act 31 in PK - 16 Education
Aaron Bird Bear: A Teacher's Perspective

First Lady on Challenges Facing Native Youth: ‘We Own This’

Expanding Financial Literacy Efforts in Native Communities


In the interview series Meet Native America, the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian invites tribal leaders, cultural figures, and other interesting and accomplished Native individuals to introduce themselves and say a little about their lives and work. Together, their responses illustrate the diversity of the indigenous communities of the Western Hemisphere, as well as their shared concerns, and offer insights beyond what’s in the news to the ideas and experiences of Native peoples today. —Dennis Zotigh, NMAI


Colorado and the West: Native American History in Colorado

This video is a preview to the Colorado and the West program through the Auraria Library in Denver, CO.

Healing the Hurts

This video documents the devastating effects of the Naive Canadian and Native American Boarding Schools that dramatically shattered aboriginal cultures, children, families and communities throughout North America. Viewers join Native American participants from Canada and the United States, during a four-day, culturally-based, healing process for understanding and recovering from this type of traumatic experience. For information on how to obtain a copy of the Healing the Hurts Video please visit: or call 1-604-542-8991

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In The White Man's Image

In The White Man's Image is a PBS video about the Native American residential boarding school experience; why it was established and how it affected the lives of Native Americans across the United States.  It is about the first residential boarding school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Seven Navajos were among the early enrollees, including two sons of Manuelito, a famous war chief of the Navajo.  Of the seven, six died at Carlisle, including Manuelito's sons.  One of the young men shown in the video is Tom Torlino, a Navajo.

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