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Table of Contents

For Native American Attorneys, Groundbreaking NNABA Study Reveals Devastating Lack of Inclusion in the Legal Profession at Large

Federal Employment and Labor Laws Applicable to Tribes or Tribal Commercial Enterprises

Colorado State Statutes Associated With Indian Affairs

Colorado Sunshine Law

State of Colorado and Indian Tribal Legal Relationship

Urban Indians May Benefit From Colorado Law Change

Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams Is a Fierce and Creative Advocate for American Indians

Indian Mascot Bill Introduced by Colorado State Senator Williams

Colorado State Senator Williams Introduces Genocide Resolution, SJR12-046

Colorado Senate Bill 57 allows schools to hire indigenous language teachers even if the teachers aren’t certified educators.

Colorado Revised Statutes, CRS §22-1-104 - Teaching of history, culture and civil government, including that of American Indians. 

Colorado Indian License Plate Program to raise income for American Indian student scholarships.

Indian Child Welfare Act Guidelines (ICWA) legislation in 1999 that required Colorado to follow the national ICWA law. 

Navajo Nation Supreme Court

Simple, Uninformed, and Inferior People (U.S. v. Sandoval, 1913)

Erosion of Tribal Sovereignty by the U.S. Supreme Court under Justice Rehnquist (1986-2001) Creating Chaos

The Roberts’ Court – 2006- Present - US Supreme Court – Sacrificing Tribal Sovereignty

Indian Child Welfare Act

Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian Child Welfare Act Guidelines Press Release, February 24, 2015

State Money Distributed To Indian Tribes

State Bill In Montana Would Track All State Money Distributed To Indian Tribes

Internal Revenue Service

Interim Guidance On The Federal Income Tax Treatment Of Indian Tribal Funds


"IN THE COURTS OF THE CONQUEROR: The 10 Worst Indian Law Cases Ever Decided"
Walter Echohawk (Fulcrum Publishers, 2010) (560 pages).

"IN THE LIGHT OF JUSTICE: The Rise of Human Rights in Native America & the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples"
Walter Echohawk (Fulcrum Publishers, Aug. 2013) (304 pp.)


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