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The Museum's mission is to advance and share the experience and knowledge of what has happened in the past and what this has meant for Native peoples today; to preserve the memory of those who died or suffered; to offer comfort, support, encouragement and understanding; and to encourage its visitors to reflect upon the need for dignity of, and respect among all peoples.

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The Truth Will Set You Free   My Journey   The New Lava Flows   The Mirror


The Truth Will Set You Free


Conscious, I learned to become unconscious.  To enter a void, as if I were dead, unaware, oblivious to it all.

Though not fearful while in that state, out of it, that state is wholly fearful, threatening, ominous, ever unknowable.

Though not angry while in that state, out of it, I rage, knowing only separation.

Though not sad while in that state, out of it, I weep, lacking a part of myself.

Today I am conscious of my unconsciousness.

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My Journey


Behind the slammed door

It was dark, black as night.

Then the door opened ever so slightly.

It opened onto a field.

I could see Spring.

Each flower grew

Under the sun,

Along the river,

A testimony to beauty.

Grounded in the soil,



Necessary to life.

They beckoned to me; They called to me; They came out from the dark shadow of Winter; Into the sunlight of Spring, of renewal, of growth.

They showed me their order, row upon row; They showed me their number, hundred upon hundred; They showed me their leadership, avoiding chaos; Each flower distinct, significant, meaningful.

They whispered their story to me. The words traveled from their roots to their stems to their stamens, Released, the truth set free.

We were abused. No one protected us. We were hurt.

The butterflies stopped to listen, spreading new life as they gathered pollen on their fragile, veined wings.

I saw wonder. I saw beauty. I saw courage. I saw pain.

I wanted to answer - We are one. You are safe. No one, not even me, will hurt you, Ever again.

The door begin to close

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The New Lava Flows

image003.jpgI came to the new lava flows, still hot from a recent eruption.




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The Mirror


As we see ourselves revealed, we can see the manifestation of the God of our understanding.




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