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These articles on White Privilege are by persons of European descent who wanted to explain their view of the privileges inherent to them simply by virtue of their skin color being white. The courage of these individuals cannot be measured. In affirming the reality of white privilege, they help all of us to see more clearly.

As stated by Madeline Volek: "White privilege and unaware racism go hand in hand. I became a receptor of white privilege as a second generation Italian-American. I say this with no pleasure because white privilege keeps me a prisoner. You know I can't give my white privilege back. I can't return it. I can't get a refund and I can't lay it down. I have to learn to live with it. What I can do is educate myself about the disease of racism, educate others and become an ally to people of color. It's up to me to break the walls of separation."

Also, as stated by Barbara Hacker: "White privilege is a reality. It is the natural consequence of our history where the power and advantage of one group of people over others has existed in institutionalized ways".

Also, by Nancy B. Linden: "What do I want other white people (i.e., those of us of European descent ) to understand about white privilege? I want them to now how much easier our lives are, simply because of the color of our skin."

Also, by Michael Greene:" The entire system of values and beliefs that I grew up with are suspect because they have so often excluded the cultures and values and even rights of most of the world's population. That is because most of the world's population is not white. Because I am white and privileged, ironically I could not see this reality."

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