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Native American cultures and traditions

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The Museum's mission is to advance and share the experience and knowledge of what has happened in the past and what this has meant for Native peoples today; to preserve the memory of those who died or suffered; to offer comfort, support, encouragement and understanding; and to encourage its visitors to reflect upon the need for dignity of, and respect among all peoples.

You are invited to explore this Virtual Museum at your leisure and visit us frequently.

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Career Day: Importance of culture, history, education; discrimination; despair; poverty; family dysfunction; survival.

Contemporary Native American Issues: Who is Indian?; What Does the Designation Native American Mean?; Population; Land Use; Treaty Rights; Federal Policies; Significant Legislation; Jurisdiction Issues; Boarding/Residential School Experience; Pow-Wows; Sports Mascots; Languages; Need for Trained Business and Science Native American Professionals; Per Capita Payments; Native American Church.

Cultural Racism: Prayer; Introduction; Center for the Healing of Racism; Dialogue: Racism Series; Cultural Racism; Boarding School Experience; 1950's Assimilation Policy; Internalized Racism; How Do We Heal Cultural Racism?; How Do We Change Our Behavior?; Family History; Culture and History; Be Part of the Solution; Navajo Culture.

My Journey: Introduction; Women and Self-Esteem; Intimacy; Codependency; Assertion; Self-Alienation; Covey Training; Travel (Indonesia, Angola, Europe); Classes; Painful Experiences (Corporate Managerial, Workplace, Employer Minority and Women's Focus Groups); Journal; Recovery Manual; My Husband; Friendships; Self-Acceptance and Love.

The Amphitheater: Pecos; Survival; Bandelier; Tesuque; Chimayo; Nambe; Sunday Excursions; The River.

The Designer: My Sister, Jackie; The Guardian; The Weaver; The Storyteller; The Traveler; Apache Canyon; The Seer; The Designer; California Virus; The Wedding; Hokam; The Pristine Rivers; The Quest; Post-script.

The Sacred Trust: Smokey Hill Road; Supper; The Turquoise Room Expanded; The Navajo Carpenter, Nalwood; Indian Art; Fusion; Little Daddy; The Homecoming - Lukachukai; The Foreman; Coyote; The Sangre de Cristo's.

Notes on Navajo History: Spanish History; American History; Navajo History; Before Fort Sumner; Fort Sumner; Post Fort-Sumner; Modernization Period; Miscellaneous.

Racism Institute, Fiske University: Race Relations in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Spanish Poetry: Me Deja sin Aliento (You Leave Me Breathless); El Puente (The Bridge); Estudiante Ponerse de Pie (Student Stand Up); Bailare (I Will Dance).

El Cuartocentenario (In Spanish): Meeting of New Mexico Indian Pueblo Governors with Vice-President of Spain and other dignitaries; a re-encounter and reconciliation between Spain and the sovereign Pueblo nations; recognition of suffering endured by Pueblo Natives during conquest; promise of a new relationship based on respect, compassion, equality and understanding; reconciliation based on exchange of communication technology, commerce, education and culture.

El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (In Spanish): (1) La imperativa moral de los estudios de los indigenas como los Comentarios Reales de los Incas para crear un sentido de identidad indigena. (2) El arte de persuasion en los Comentarios Reales.

The Best Is Yet To Come: The Visit; The Children; Bird DJ's Story: Bear Canyon; Bird Aaron's Story: The Flume; Bird Hadlie's Story: The Best Is Yet To Come; Bird Callan's Story: The Sacred Mounds Speak; Bird Sander's Story: Are You Ready For Adventure?; My Son Aaron's Poems.

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